Sexy Male Celebrities Review

Review: July 17, 2015, by Marilyn
Sexy Male Celebrities

Hollywood is so focused on objectifying women that we sometimes forget there are real hunks making big moves over there. Thankfully sites like Sexy Male Celebrities exist solely to remind us that there are hot men in the entertainment industry who deserve to be drooled over not just for their looks but for their insanely chiseled bodies and the incredibly freaky things they're capable of doing with those bodies. This is where you can find your favorite male celebrities naked and it's a treasure trove of leaked sex tapes too!


Overall rating7.2

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If you have an appreciation for the nude male body then SexyMaleCelebrities is a site you're going to love a great deal because that's pretty much all that's served up on a daily basis here. This is a gay porn site that features high profile actors, athletes and musicians either naked or doing the horizontal mambo jambo with others and it's every bit as juicy and as scandalous as you would expect it to be.

Let's start with the navigation though and the site is very easy to navigate, once you can locate it. Upon logging in you'll land on a hub that shows various videos from various sites in the network (more on that later). Simply look to the left and select this particular site and you'll be whisked off into a land where you can order a main entree of Channing Tatum naked along with a side of Luke Perry's full frontal scenes washed down with a scene of Simon Rex masturbating in a fountain outdoor. That is just a glimpse of all the awesomeness you have to look forward to!

There are currently just 199 videos and over 2261 pictures which is expected with this kind of site and the video quality leaves a lot to be desired but the picture quality is decent enough that you won't have any issues drooling over the naked male celebrities. The videos can be streamed online or downloaded for later enjoyment and the same is true for the pictures which can be saved and downloaded via zip files. Updates are all over the place so it's hard to tell when exactly the site is updated but from the looks of things, it's still being updated.

In addition to all the above-mentioned pictures and videos, your membership also gives you access to 10 bonus sites that have even more hot naked bodies for you to enjoy.

Amount of content: 199 videos and 2261 photo
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: 480x360
Video types: flash,mp4
Photo resolution: 1100x800px
Available for mobile: Yes


Sexy-Male-Celebrities gives you just exactly what you're hoping to find: topless celebs, naked celebs and leaked sex tapes that show you just how freaky your favorite male celebrities are. There are a few cons that work against the site, namely the unpredictable update schedule and the quality of some of the content but there are also a few pros that work for the site with the major one being a boatload of content that will have you getting a boner with each set of pictures you click through!

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