Sexy Natalie Review

Review: July 16, 2008, by Gabrio
Sexy Natalie

I have to be honest and I was not too sure about taking this website for a review in fact is all in finnish and I don't speak it actually, but what the hell, I can make it anyway! On the tour of the website get the impression that this is a pure amateur website with hardcore action, there are trailer videos available too that I strongly suggest you to check out, if you speak finnish then even better ;-)


Overall rating6.5

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The price for the membership of Sexy Natalie is a bit expensive to tell you the truth but let's now take a look at what we have inside the members order to enter the protected zone you have to click on Medlemsomådet and then you have to input your username and password as usual - in the first page that I have in front of me then you have a classic page from an amateur website where they welcome all new member, there are 4 main links which are: Mine filmer and Mine bilder - the first is the page where you have all the video clips and the second is the page where you have all the pictures, then there is a bonus area that can be reached clicking Bonus nettsteder and then finally you have also Kontakt...which is...Contact, right guys, it's that simple ;-)

I checked out some of the videos that are present with this amateur girl called Natalie and you have the full videos in high and low format and then also all the small parts for the same scene, in case you don't want to download the big one, they are in .wmv, .mpeg file. Download speed was ok and I was getting around 300 k/sec from the members area of this website, for each video scene you can also rate it if you want if you fancy and in total you have 5 pages, each filled with video clips where you can see Natalia getting banged to the max! She is really a naughty girl from what I can see!

As for the photo galleries instead, that are in Mine bilder, there are just 3 galleries, and I think that fetish lovers will probably enjoy this gallery where she is wearing a fishnet dress and black boots over a wall. Then I checked out the Bonus Area and you have a couple of different websites to browse from, however I think that the most interesting area of this website is certainly the videos where you can see Natalie having fun with all her fuck friends!!


Naughty amateur sex is what you are going to find in the members area of Sexy - I have done the review even though I don't speak the language the website has been written in but who cares? The content is always what matters in a website, right? So here you have amateur videos with the Sexy Natalie, make sure to enjoy them in full and check out also the bonus sites!!

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