Shadow Slaves Review

Review: July 1, 2022, by Logan
Shadow Slaves

If you are into hardcore bondage and torture sessions, you should check what Shadow Slaves has to offer. This top-quality pornsite gives you amazing content in FullHD or even 4K in some of the videos. They are part of the Adult Prime Network and it means that with only one subscription you have access to over 90 different pornsites with an incredible amount of content. Shadow Slaves itself does not have many videos at the moment but be assured, they plan to add new videos and photo galleries frequently.


Overall rating7.8

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Shadow Slaves is a pornsite with one niche in particular: BDSM torture and bondage. Here you will find videos with hardcore torture sessions that make sexy babes scream in pain. Bondage, blindfolds, nipple clamps, candle wax torture, and many more, here you will find it all. Since they are the part of Adult Prime Network it means that you will get access to over 90 different pornsites with amazing content. There are a couple of thousands of different porn videos, galleries, and clips on Adult Prime Network, and with just one subscription you will get access to all of it. Besides videos and pictures, you can also watch live cams, or order your favorite DVDs.

Like any other site on this network, it is well organized, there is a search bar, different categories, and tags, so, you will have no problems while navigating through the content. Shadow Slaves currently has only 55 videos and 47 photo galleries, but this number gets bigger quickly. This is a special niche, so you can't really expect to get 10 or more new videos every day. Videos that are currently available are top-quality ones, and you have an option to download them if you want to save them to your HDD or SDD for future use. One thing I find pretty helpful is that when you hover your mouse over a particular video while on the main or video page, it will start a short tease so you will get an idea of what this video is about. Once you open it, you will find the studio name, niches, and tags that represent it the best, model name, quality options, and how long is the video. Here there is an option to watch the video directly on their website or to download it.

Be warned, these videos are for guys who are into hardcore BDSM and not for the faint of heart viewers. If you are into mild and gentle spanking, and romantic blindfolds, you should find another pornsite. Here at Shadow Slaves, you can watch proper torture sessions with babes who are into it. I am talking about rough spanking, candle wax torture, rough boobs torture, pussy spanking, clipping, etc. All torture sessions are done by professionals in BDSM dungeons that have plenty of toys. If you love watching sexy babes getting tortured like never before, look no further. These sexy chicks are enjoying every single moment and at the same time, they want it to stop. That is what prober BDSM is all about.

Besides whips, candles, and rope, here you will find that ball-gags are an important sex toy as well. Ball gags help silence these chicks while getting tortured by dominant guys. Also, lots of these girls love wearing stockings and high heels, and it only makes the scene hotter. All of the 55 videos that are currently available are amazing and made by professionals. Besides BDSM, there are plenty of different fetish videos here. If you get turned on from watching hot babes suffering, you will not be disappointed. After you are done with all of the videos, you can move on to picture galleries that are just as incredible.

Paying to have access to only 55 videos is not that profitable for you, but once you see the quality of these exclusive videos, and remember that you are not actually paying only for this pornsite, but to an entire network of premium studios, it suddenly makes a lot of sense. There are other studios that offer you similar types of content, and there are some that are completely different. Off course, you are not going to be a fan of over 90 different studios, but if you manage to find let's say 5 that you like, then it is worth the money. Each and every site has top-quality videos (FullHD or even 4K) and everything is downloadable. Having all of that for the subscription of just one pornsite is a deal of the century. On the other hand, it only makes sense if you are into hardcore BDSM. If that is not something that you are interested in, you can still decide to join and enjoy watching lots of different porn videos on this network, but if you are turned on by torture, this is the perfect pornsite for you.


Do Hardcore BDSM torture sessions turn you on? Do you want to watch hot babes going through painful sessions with lots of different toys? If you answered yes to these questions, then Shadow Slaves is the right pornsite for you. Here you will find professionally made BDSM videos that are filled with different types of torture. Also, there are lots of different fetishes and kinks involved. Videos are in FullHD, and every single one of them is available for download. If that is not enough for you, there is more. When you pay for this pornsite you are actually paying for an entire Adult Prime Network that has over 90 different porn studios under its name. You will get access to thousands and thousands of different porn movies, photo galleries, webcam girls, and more. When it comes to Shadow Slaves there are only 55 videos currently available, but this number gets bigger from time to time. After all, top-quality videos take some time to be made, and you don't want to watch amateur ones, do you? If you don't mind waiting for premium content to be uploaded, and love watching sexy babes dealing with lots of pain for your satisfaction, you are at the right place.

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