Shady PI Mobile Review

Review: December 6, 2010, by Steve
Shady PI Mobile

Shady PI Mobile is a mobile and handheld device version of the Porn Pros site of the same name. You can now see the voyeur and sneaky videos that the site has to offer in mobile form, allowing you to catch some of the best voyeur action around when you are on the move! And in addition to that, you can get complete access to the whole of this network of mobile sites as well!


Overall rating7.5

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The presentation and navigation here is amongst the very best that I have seen on a mobile porn site - it is very good, and that goes for the rest of the accompanying sites in this network. All of the episodes here are roughly dated, with the name of the performer, genre of action, a lengthy description and the length of the video. Far more information than I expected! There is also a full list of all the site's performers as well as easy access to all the bonus sites. It really does navigate like a dream and shows that mobile porn does not have to be that limited in its options.

Not all of the episodes here, of which there are 52 in total, have the same video options nor do all of them have image galleries accompanying them. But on most recent videos you can take high and low quality .MP4 downloads and a .3GP download, with all available to stream as well, playing at a best of 480x360px. The images are mostly screenshots and are also sized at 480x360px. The site probably only updates approximately once a month. was a pretty impressive little site in its original home computer form in terms of its content, so that side of things was nice and sewn up even before they converted it to mobile form. But it's good to see that the content has transferred nicely as, in this content type, sometimes the action can be a little bit difficult to make out in even in high definition. The transfer here though is smooth and clear.

For the uninitiated, this is about a guy who is supposed to be exposing cheating wives and girlfriends, and then posts the videos for our viewing pleasure. They do a good job of making it look as realistic as possible, to their credit, and it's just a shame in the end that the updates are so irregular. However, they are to be applauded for the complete Porn Pros Mobile network access they offer, as that makes this one of the best value mobile porn packages you will find.


Shady PI has made an excellent transfer to mobile format with its original videos looking really good. The image sets are not really worth bothering with at all, and they suffer a bit, but everything that is on the original site can be found here so you are not missing a thing. The complete network access is fantastic too, and the whole presentation is very impressive indeed. A very good job indeed!

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