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Review: February 9, 2010, by ruben
3 views is the home of Shanda Fay, an interesting sort of lady. She seems to be trying to make her love for sex more of a real job than a hobby and she is doing well with that! Her bio states that she has a part-time job but that her site is her main focus. I am just not so sure how has time for anything else in her life but this dirty site when she seems to spend most of her time getting fucked, sucking cock and masturbating!

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Overall rating8.5

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FilthyCuteOnline is interesting right of the off bat. The colorful shiny tour pages look really quite amateurish in a way but I am not certain if that is done on purpose or intentionally. Everything at FilthyCuteOnline is a bit suspicious in a strange way. Even the site's star, Shanda Fay seems like she may be keeping some sort of secret. For instance, on the main page of the site, she appears to be a sexy and hot MILF but as you dig deeper she explains in a video that she is young and single with no children to speak of.

Hmmm... I am not sure what to think. Her bio on the site (which is a killer touch by the way) discloses damn near everything about her except her age. I am guessing that she must be in her mid-thirties, but there is no way to be sure. We know that she is from Western Canada and that she loves stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson, she loves cars and getting laid, she is into Yoga and horseback riding and we even get her full set of measurements including her foot size.

In regard to technology and content, the site left me wanting a bit more. Sure there is a good amount of content here and that is always a plus when value comes into play but it is just not presented and put out very well. Video is crisp and clean and there is plenty of it to satisfy but you cannot stream it. Videos can be downloaded as .WMV files that average between 200-250 MB in size. Streaming would be better but you can really build a decent collection here of fine fuck action by downloading.

Pictures are very high-quality and feature every theme possible. You will see Shanda trying hard to fuck herself into a frenzy, watch her get ass fucked like a pro and you will see her totally covered in sticky hot man juice. The close-ups are some of the most detailed that I have seen in quite a while. Unfortunately, no .zip files are offered. Count on downloading photos that average 500kb one at a time. It will take a while to build a collection of Shanda shots here.


Filthy Cute Online features a bit of something for every fuck fan to really get into. For the price you should be happy considering that you also gain access to a collection of sexy bonus sites full of exclusive content and a nice site of live feeds. Shanda Fay is sexy no matter her true age. She seems real, honest and pure. This hottie could be your neighbor and if that is the case, let me know. I want the next house over!

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