Shave Asians Review

Review: April 21, 2015, by Steve
Shave Asians

Shave Asians is the perfect porn site for you if you like Asian models all perfectly smooth for your viewing pleasure! These girls don't have a single follicle on any part of their bodies aside from their heads and some of them are even kind enough to shave their pussies for the cameras. So if that is something you like watching as well, this site should immediately be on your radar!


Overall rating6.5

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This is actually a really presented site. The indexes are really helpful and also rather informative, with the index of the models especially proving to be really good. The content is divided into categories as well, meaning you can find something that you really like easily enough. However, although the update information seems to be very detailed, I'm pretty sure this site is not adding new content any more and that they are just rotating old sets and videos.

The video options here were excellent. The streamed Flash Player versions can be played in two different resolutions, including HD quality 720px. Meanwhile, the downloads come in three different options that cover two different formats as well as ultra HD and mobile quality. Download speeds were very good indeed. The galleries are also brilliantly presented. All photos are available in four different sizes, all galleries are available for ZIP download - and you can even adjust the thumbnail size!

It should be pointed out that I encountered a couple of glitches on A couple of videos came back with 'page not found' errors and several ZIP file download links didn't work on the galleries. I'm going to presume these are temporary problems though, even though it's worth pointing out that they are notable issues on a site with such a small collection in the first place.

But this is a nice little site when boiled down to just its content. The 'shave' part of its title is a slight misnomer because there isn't all that much actual shaving here, so if this is a fetish that you were hoping would be addressed on this site then you are going to be disappointed. But there are some nice girls and some good across a few different genres.

Amount of content: 32 videos and 40 photo sets
Update frequency: Site advertises several updates per week - content may be recycled
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1365x2048px
Available for mobile: No


Shave is an ok site. Without that much actual shaving, it is difficult to say that this site would appeal to fans of that fetish. Having said that, there are some nice girls here and the content is of a very good standard. There just isn't very much if it and with question marks over the updates, overall this is very much a site that could have done with offering a trial membership.

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