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Review: February 8, 2013

Exhibitionists of the world, take notice! You can now be rewarded for doing what you love. The fine people that run Showcase Amateurs want you to submit pictures and videos of yourselves stripping, boinking, and generally being naked and doing fun stuff. Fortunately for the rest of us, we get to see! This site does just what the name says...showcases amateurs who like to show the naughty bits; and then some!

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Overall rating6.8

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There's a distinct difference between professional and amateur porn. The pro stuff is easy to tell...great lighting, good camera work, professionally edited, and the talent is generally pretty top notch. Amateur porn can be a mixed bag, and Showcase is just that; a mixed bag.

It's a pretty basic site...upon logging in, there are some simple navigation tools built around a menu. They take you to the content of the site, which is comprised of photosets and videos. The picture sets have been sorted, but the videos are basically laid out in a linear fashion. The site would be better with some search functions, but it's not hard to get around.

The theme of the site is "amateurs." It claims to be the fastest growing amateur site on the web. That's a little like claiming you're the most downloaded model on the web...impossible to prove. However, the amount of content here is good. They source it from anyone who wants to submit it. Anyone who submits gets free membership (as long as they submit what the site wants). It's obvious that not all of it was submitted directly to the site, and that some has been sourced from other places. However, I can believe that a lot of it actually was directly submitted, and they have an active campaign seeking more.

As far as quality, this varies wildly. Picture and video resolution is all over the place. It ranges from so-so to good. The actual content is a mix of mostly softcore with some hardcore thrown in on occasion. There are tons of pics in the various sets, and all of it pretty good. The videos can be good also, but there are many that are in less then a minute long. Also, many of them require that you log back in to watch them...kind of a pain. There are no flash streams...minor negative but worth noting.

No real bonuses...there is a forum on the site, but as of this review, there are no posts on it.

Amount of content: 131 videos and 219 photesets
Update frequency: 4-5 times/month
Exclusive content: Some
Max video resolution: Varied
Video types: wmv and mpg
Photo resolution: Varied
Available for mobile: No

Conclusion appeals to those who want the genuine article with their porn. It's supposedly user-submitted, and at the very least, it really is amateur. The site is simple to get around, there's a decent amount of content, and they are updating at a good pace. It could stand to have a search function, and I think the price for what's here is a little high (because of the wildly varying quality of content). I'd feel better about recommending it if there was a trial. Take a good look at the splash page before buying.

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