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Review: February 19, 2013
Simply Devon is about the most aptly named porn site that I've run across. To get an idea of what this site is about, picture this...a cute (but not hot) small town girl in her late teens or early twenties wants to be a singer, and apparently is also not too camera shy. She takes some pics and videos of herself and starts her own amateur porn website. Voila! She's Simply Devon. This is the kinda site that has a lot of potential, but I just don't know if it's ever going to take off.


Overall rating6

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I'm a fan of the all-American girl-next-door look, like Tori Black or Bree Olson. There are a number of amateur models who try to pull it off, and in that vein, we get Simply Devon.

It's an amateur site featuring the epomymous Devon. She's from a small town somewhere in Maine, she's about 20, and she's kinda cute. Not beautiful, not hot...but cute. I woudn't say she's remarkably cute...she's petite and has a nice face, but honestly, I wouldn't really look at her twice if she passed by me. She has aspirations to be a singer, and until those dreams are realized, she's decided to be an amateur web model.

What she brings to us here are glimpses of her personal and sexual life in the form of videos and photosets. There are some videos of her stripping and playing solo, a few with guest models (guessing they are her friends), and a few boy-girl blowjob clips. There are also a few clips of Devon singing karaoke at some local bars. The photos are in this same vein, but a little more "glam" or posed.

Quality of content is mixed. Only some of it is high-def...when it is, the quality is good. When it's not, it's ok. However, my larger complaint with the videos is that none of them stream, so you're at the mercy of a WMV download. The downloads aren't scorchingly fast either. The technical quality of the photo sets is good, no complaints there.

The site is pretty simple to navigate, in part because there just isn't a ton of content. The site began early in 2012, and it was supposed to be building, but I noticed there hasn't been an update since early November 2012. As a small bonus, there's a forum that Devon posted on a few times. The last few posts were from members asking when the next update was coming.

There is access to a bonus site, plus the forum.... not real compelling bonuses.

Amount of content: 23 videos and 15 photo sets
Update frequency: Sporadic
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1440x1080HD
Video types: wmv
Photo resolution: 800x1,200px
Available for mobile: No


Here's the value proposition of SimplyDevon... If you like the average girl-next-door from small town USA, you actually might like this. But that's it...there are better options out there for solo-girl amateur sites. The appeal here is that Devon really appears to be the genuine article. As far was what you get, it's a smattering of video/photo content of Devon's personal and sexual life, with a few friends thrown in. For this site to succeed, Devon needs to interact more on the forum, and provide a LOT more, and timely, updates.

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