Spanking Hot Ass Review

Review: January 20, 2010, by Steve
Spanking Hot Ass

Spanking Hot Ass is a site from the Way Out Sites network that features cute amateur girls who love having their tight little butts spanked on camera. Some of them just like a nice one-on-one spanking session and nothing more, while some of the other naughty girls here love having their asses spanking by more than one guy at once. And, if it makes them really horny, they may end up dealing out some sexual treats as a result!


Overall rating6

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SpankingHotAss has 19 updates on board altogether, with all of these featuring photo galleries but only half of them featuring videos. This site only updated once last month, and monthly updates appear to be its regular schedule. Update information was okay here but I would like to see them date all of their updates and also inform us more about the upcoming episodes as well. The layout doesn't look all that great either and really could be improved, I think. The episode descriptions were okay though and jumping to bonus sites proved to be extremely easy as well.

There really were a lack of options for watching the videos though with only one .WMV download option on all videos that plays at 640x480px. There were no shorter clips on offer either, and you could only download or play the whole videos. It was rather disappointing as well that there was a lack of any options on the photo galleries as you cannot download whole sets, whilst most photos were sized at only 800x600px, which isn't especially high quality. Overall really, the presentation of the site could really be improved. is another site from a network with a familiar story behind it - great content, but not a lot of it! This is a spanking site though where the girls are not going to get off lightly as they are taking their spankings from guys (apart from one or two scenes which are girl/girl affairs). Cue some very red butts and, presumably, lots of girls not being able to site down for over a week as a result! There is a fair bit more going on here though than you might have expected from such a relatively small site.

The scenarios vary nicely, for a start, with girls being spanked for a number of reasons (bad babysitting, foreign exchange students and so on). Also, some of them take their punishment from as many as four guys at once too. It's all pretty good and the amateur performers certainly don't let anyone down. Several of the scenes end up becoming sexual, and quite hard in the process with cumshots often seen as well.


Spanking Hot has good potential as a spanking site thanks to a number of elements. The well shot and exclusive content features some nice performances from an amateur cast, and also throws in quite a lot of different themes and actually making good use of the photo galleries rather than having them as poor relatives to the videos. A good bonus site network helps out but this site needs far more updates than it has right now.

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