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Review: May 21, 2015

Remember your first time? Or have you ever deflowered a girl? Well, get ready to live that experience out virtually via Spoiled Virgins.com! This hardcore site brings teen babes aplenty, all ready to give up their cherries. The twist? Those cherries are medically certified! Sure, it's all play-acting, but so what? The chicks are sweet, the action's hot, and it works. If innocent honeys are your kink, this place has legs.

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Overall rating7.8

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Spoiled Virgins has several themes going on around it, and the combo of all of them adds up to a site that will appeal to fans of innocent looking young hotties.

The first thing, and the major theme here, is all about virgins. Or at least supposed virgins. You may have to suspend belief here to really get in to this theme, but it's not too hard. The girls chosen for this site really do look innocent and chaste. These are not porn-hardened vets. The site seems to source from eastern Europe and the girls here are a serious draw if you like them young and pure.

Another theme that is in many/most of the videos, is that the girls are medically examined to determine their virginity. Again, this requires suspension of disbelief, but if you want to, it's easy to do.

And the last major theme is that these girls are then "spoiled" by having their virginity taken, usually in threesomes.

Overall, there's a lot going on, but somehow, it all works. Between the talent, the setups, and the way it's all shot, it's fun and even though they don't speak a lick of English, it was really easy to get in to.

The site makes it easy in other ways, mostly around the amount of content. There's plenty to choose from. Not all of it follows the themes above exactly, and some of the older content here is not as high quality as the newer stuff. All that said, with this much to offer, you'll find lots to keep you busy.

Viewing options are decent, with several different resolutions available, maxing out at a crisp 1080p. Photos are zipped up for easy download, and everything played and came down really quickly. On the other hand, the site's navigation system is not awesome. There are some basic tools but you have to mostly browse to find what you want. I should add that this is not a major problem.

Amount of content: 251 scenes
Update frequency: once a month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1,200px × 800px
Available for mobile: Yes


You're going to see purity spoiled at SpoiledVirgins.com, where the girls are young, cute, and innocent. They don't stay that way, and even though it's all an act, it's still fun. There's a nice amount of content, and it's well done. The site's technical aspects are decent, even if the navigation could use some work. To add value, there's access to the 1PassforAllSites.com network. This is a serious bonus, with 30 sites in total. In sum, the themes come together nicely and it gets the job done.

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