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Review: April 22, 2015, by Steve
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Spy Hospital

Spy Hospital is a voyeur site where a kinky doctor is filmed enjoying examining ladies rather more than somebody in his position should! But that's not where his perversion ends - he has set up hidden cameras in the walls of his exam room and he then records all of the gorgeous and unsuspecting ladies that come through his door requiring a medical examination. They have no idea what's going on - but we do!


Overall rating7.2

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The user interface and navigation on this site were ok but I did think that there were one or two more features that were still missing here. There is still no information about the models, who are clearly all professionals, and they are not even named. There are also absolutely no descriptions of any of the videos on the site. There is some decent update information and in general the site is easy enough to get around with few issues that I could see.

There are no photo sets to worry about on this site and no screenshot sets either. But the video options here were really rather good. The videos are available to download in MP4 and WMV versions and were also available in HD quality. There are mobile versions too that will play in Flash or HTML5, while Flash streaming is available across the board. There were no DRM restrictions on the video downloads here.

The makers of SpyHospital.com are quite big on the authenticity of their videos, or at least making them look authentic. Although clearly acted and performed, they are shot in such a way that makes them look like they are shot on real spy cameras and so on. It does add to the effect of the site and was quite effective in helping this to be a bit more than just another medical fetish site.

Since I last saw the site, just under a year ago, it hasn't grown an enormous amount, mainly due to the fact that you only get about three new videos a month. With no bonuses included, it does mean the site is still struggling to be great value for money. What it isn't struggling for is quality videos and also very hot girls to e subjected to these so-called examinations!

Amount of content: 53 videos; no photo sets on site
Update frequency: 1 video every 10 days
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px (HD)
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: Not applicable
Available for mobile: No


Spy Hospital.com is still a decent medical fetish site that still suffers with almost all the issues it had last year. It's still a relatively small collection (although bulkier than it was) and it still has elements to its user interface that are in real need of being added to the site. But a good site that has been well conceived in its still and one that should appeal strongly to voyeur and medical fetish fans.

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