St Mackenzies Review

Review: February 26, 2010
St Mackenzies is a truly different kind of site. This one is a first for me as its all about a school called St. Mackenzies and its pupils and staff. There is everything that goes along with a private or reform school including insanely hot students, amazing looking teachers and staff, little cliques, and of course, lots a nakedness. Members can see lots of nice pictures and even a few videos inside.


Overall rating8.5

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St Mackenzies is a breath of fresh air as it goes a little outside the norm of typical porn sites. At first, I wasn't sure what to think about it but after a good look around, I started to understand what was going on here. The name of the game here is private school. Everything here happens within St Mackenzies and this is a good thing. School girls as far as the eye can see will literally tease your pants off and the teachers and staff will demand them off.

It wont take too much convincing for these girls to reel you in. This looks very English and yes, they even speak with an English accent which is always hot. I got to tell you, I couldn't wait to check it out. Take your time and check out the free tour which was done rather well. You can see all the pupils, the staff, bios, the latest updates, sample pictures, and even see the cliques and drama happening in the school.

The girls have formed little groups, or cliques, and some get a long with certain groups and some rival others. Its actually kind of a cool idea. Skirts, shirts, ties, and hot bodies are everywhere and you wont be complaining and the sexy staff will be there to sort things out and deliver some light discipline when applicable.

The members area will have all your goodies. This site is heavy in the pictures which normally I'm never too excited about. Here, I'm going to make an exception. The truth is, these are very well done picture sets. Great outfits, believable settings, and great chemistry make this really fun to look at. Zip files are available and pictures are huge running around 3500x2329.

There are videos here and there as well. The are downloadable only in wmv format and run around 640x480 and run around 1142 kb/sec and run nicely. From what I saw, this is softcore work but is actually entertaining. Solo posing as well as group scenarios are very well done and always hot. Chloe Granger has me in love with her and I love her little group of friends. There is an online store where you can purchase used clothing as well as posters similar artifacts.


StMackenzies was more than a surprise for me. For a mostly pictures site, this is one of the best that I have seen and as far as entertainment, this one had me glued to it. If you like school girls, a little story, or just hot girls, this is your site. The bonuses do not include other sites but a low price makes this worth checking out. The online store is a nice feature and this is one I will keep bookmarked as updates are still coming in frequently and overall, it is a good site.

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