Stiletto Tease Review

Review: March 20, 2019, by Neil
Stiletto Tease

StilettoTease is a site filled with videos and photos that feature girls in high heels. That's all you'll find here, and if that's what you like the most, you will have a great experience. Unlike other sites, you won't see naked girls who drool on hard cocks or get their holes drilled. All these chicks are fully dressed, and they either rub high heels on their bodies or walk in them.


Overall rating7

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Pricing has a unique design and its pleasant to look at it because almost everything's black. The main page shows you the latest updates, and you can even read something about the site as well.

Let's not waste time and talk about the fantastic content and sexy chicks you’ll find on this site.

The site has 160 videos, which is a lot for a site with this kind of content. Most of those videos are in decent quality, but there aren't many HD videos. At least I didn't find them, and they are not labeled as "HD". Let's put the quality away and focus on what exactly you see in these videos. There are lots of models who like to dress in pretty clothes and wear their high heels. However, you won't see them just wearing those heels. Some naughty babes love to rub them over their hot bodies while they talk dirty to the camera.

I was able to watch videos both on the site and download them to my computer. The quality was pretty much the same in both cases, so they should start uploading high-quality videos if they want to get more members.

When it comes to photo sets, you won't find many of them. There are only 39 photo sets, and the worst part is that they haven't added a new one in a few months. Yes, you'll find hot girls in high heels who like to talk dirty while they pose, but there just isn't enough content to please members for more than a month or so.

Like anywhere else, you would like to shorten the list of videos and picture sets, but you can't. There are no features that can help you out with this. All you can do is scroll through the list, which makes it harder to find something I might like more than something else.

Amount of content: 160 videos and 39 photo sets
Update frequency: 2 times a month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1440x1080 (Ultra HD)
Video types: flash, wmv & mp4 & mpg;
Photo resolution: 1147x1280px
Avaliable for mobile:Yes


There are lots of cons when it comes to Stiletto Tease. You won't find many photo sets, but there are quite enough videos available. The quality of both videos and photos is decent and watchable, but it's almost impossible to find something in high quality. Searching for something specific, or pretty much anything is not possible because the site doesn't offer you any feature that can narrow the list or even organize it.

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