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Review: April 14, 2008, by Gabrio
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It's a proven fact that men get horny when they see their girls wearing some sexy piece of clothing, such as high heels, hot panties and stockings...and this site is all about stockings in fact, and it is called Stockings so you can expect to find a wide range of girls that wear only the sexiest stockings and they are going to give you a real big thrill if you know what I mean! The tour looks good so let's see what they have inside for us!

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Overall rating7.3

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From what I can see, the prices look a little above average and I am really curious to see if they are worthy the contents of this website, so let's see what they have...the link for entering the members area is located at the top of the page, really easy to spot it there and once you have filled in your username and password in the appropriate box, then you will be inside within a very few moments, it's that simple yeah. The feel of the main page looks pretty good and the first thing that appears in front of you is the main page of their network that is called kinky porn pass, where you have the list of their other sites to browse from and stockings is right at the top and that is where I have clicked first off.

In a few moments the main content loaded up in front of me and you will see a few images which represent the photo galleries that are available, with the stocking ladies in particular though there are also videos. I clicked one of those and in a few moments I reached a page with a video and I have to say that there was a very sexy blonde there with nice stockings that was playing with herself, the clip is in .wmv format and the quality looks good overall, she is playing with herself. They have also the .avi version which is in top quality but that one doesn't work in streaming and then there is also a bigger .wmv - streaming was working pretty well in the end.

If you look to the right of the page you will see that you have also some categories and those are for the bonus goodies that are available for the members of this site, from their network in the end. For every photo or video set you have a brief comment and that is pretty nice if you ask me since it adds a little customization and you feel it in a better way. The photo galleries are looking good, very big thumbnails and the .zip download option is present, at the bottom of the page, along with a rating system too.


The site is pretty good overall and the quality of their content looks nice as well. In the end when it comes to the number of sets that are available, I think that you will be pretty satisfied, there are 135 sets in total which is really not bad. The content is pretty explicit in the end and you should remember that you have also the bonus sites with the same membership which doesn't sound like a bad deal in the end. Have fun!!

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