Strip Las Vegas Girls Review

Review: July 23, 2007, by Gabrio
Strip Las Vegas Girls

Everybody knows the famous line "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and this site seems to bet a hot find where you can find some hot famous chicks that want to show off their pretty bodies - this is the site of a popular LV magazine by the way - I have been just once to Vegas but I can tell you that it's really crazy, there are these strip clubs where ANYTHING can happen, really, I am not saying shit! Lets see what they got!


Overall rating6.8

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Ok folks, when you are done playing on the green tables, it's time for checking out some chicks and I think that this site is the perfect chance when it comes to Vegas hotties! Logging to the members area of this site is pretty easy and you have to look in the right corner where it says "Members Login Here" and within a few seconds you will be taken to the protected area, of course if you have the correct logins! ;-)

The main page is pretty sexy because it's all black and this is one of the best colors for porn star related content in my opinion and when it's mixed with red, the results are awesome. Anyway, at the left of the page you have the Main Menu where we have: Home, Photos, Videos, Bios, Store, Fun Stuff, Chat, Message Board, MYSPACE, Strip TV, Strip Video On Demand, Links, Search and Contact Us and then they also have a calendar - finally they have a poll where you can vote for your favorite Vegas strip chick.

At the top of the main page you have the Latest News and Most Popular girls galleries, browsing the pages takes a while and the galleries have nice photos, you can even switch their screen resolution from 640x427 to 1600x2400 pixels which is good; another useful thing is that when you are browsing the photo galleries, you have links at the top that let you go at the main index of the chick you have chosen and so on. A hot pick was "Monique Alexander - Sin City" where she has a pair of shades and she is bloody sexy!

When it comes to the other goodies, on the main page you also have flash news which are kinda cool, anyway speaking about the main photo galleries, you have lots of sexy chicks which look or are porn stars, style of photography is LA pornstar like. Off to the videos now, there are 3 pages and they seem quite heavy since they took ages for buffering, they automatically open when you enter any video page and I don't see any link for downloading them to disk.


Summing up, what I have liked about this site Strip Las Vegas is the fact that the site looks sexy and it kinda reminds me to something related with 'sin' so I think that they have done quite a good job with the layout and design. Speaking about the contents, the photo galleries are nice though the videos were not playing for me at the time of the review. There are interesting goodies such as their MYSPACE page, Strip Video On Demand, Store and a Search Engine as well.

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