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Review: February 18, 2010, by Steve

Sunny Lane Live is the official website of the 'girl next door turned hardcore'. Some of you may know her from an ABC News report that she appeared on a couple of years ago, and now here she is ready for you to enjoy! An all-round adult performer who is determined to conquer the mainstream too, you can see her in a whole range of softcore, lesbian and hardcore content. But she just loves to perform for you in live shows - don't miss out on those!

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Overall rating8.3

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The site currently has 110 photo galleries and 37 videos on board. She updates the site at least once per week and can be seen in a live show on about the same schedule too. I think that the general navigation and presentation here was quite good actually and I liked the way the photo galleries were divided into separate sections especially. Update information is a little bit hazy but you can just about muddle through with it, whilst there is plenty of information about Sunny (which is great considering her interesting background) and easy access to all the bonus features. Why don't all the videos have lengthy descriptions though? Many have nothing.

Where the site does fall down though is in its video options - or option, rather. With just one full length .WMV file on each video, playing at 720x480px for the most part, you could be forgiven for asking where the rest of the options were. At least you could stream or download these. The photo options didn't shine either with no .ZIP downloads or slideshows available. With most photos sized at 853x1280px though, at least they were an impressive size.

I have to admit to being rather impressed by Sunny's appearance on ABC. Usually, porn stars are made to look rather stupid thanks to the traditional hatchet-job the mainstream likes to do to all things pornographic. But her confidence, articulate nature and charisma there shine through here on She is undoubtedly a driven and determined girl when it comes to her career but not to the point where her content feels mechanical and lacking in passion. It is anything but.

She clearly loves being a porn actress and she clearly loves trying out all manner of different types of content - it's almost as if she is seeing what SHE enjoys most as well as seeing what works best for her members. It is clearly the hardcore content that stands out here (and always will when she gives herself such a nickname!) and she is a great performer. You will certainly see why she has taken home AVN awards for performances in anal scenes, that is for sure! Her live shows are killer too, but if there was one area she could certainly move more in to it would be girl/girl.


Sunny is a fine official personality site for a girl who, I'm sure, will continue to hit the headlines judging by what I see here. There is a lot of emphasis on her live shows, justifiably, but the video side of her site continues to improve significantly and hopefully will continue to do so as well. That there is room for improvement here is quite scary considering how good the content is already - and makes this a real must-have site.

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