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Review: April 16, 2008, by Gabrio
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Supreme Hardcore

As far as I can see from the main page of this site, the main niche of this is porn stars and they say that they have very high quality videos inside the members area but as usual we'll have to see that with our eyes in the members area so now just keep on reading for more details about the members area, see you inside and have fun!


Overall rating7.5

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The members area of Supreme took a few seconds to load and from a first quick look I can see that you have lots of stuff there, but let's go with order. At the left of the page you have the Quick Links: Home, My Favorites, Latest Updates, Featured Series, Videos, Picture Galleries, Model Index, Live Webcams, Bonus Sites, Sex Finder and Toy Shop. Other than that you have other tags located at the top of the page but in the end the links are more or less the same and the same apply for the body of the page, you have the same links just that they also have a brief description.

At the right of the site you have the Site Statistics and they are looking quite good: 9727 videos, 1918 dvds and 1.8 ml pictures but these numbers are for all their sites, including the bonus sites. After those numbers you have the Most Popular Scenes and Most Popular DVDs and there are a few of the main "Featured Scenes" on the left of the screen, the thumbnails seem nice as well.

I decided to check the first Supreme Hardcore scene from the New Featured Scenes and when you click on it you reach a page where there is a streaming video which defaults to medium quality and then you have other links for jumping (quick) to other scenes, rating the video and for setting the video quality eventually. As a side extra, you can also write a review of the scene (this is really a nice feature if you ask me) or submitting a description and there are also the links for downloading the clip on your computer.

From the first frames of the video, the quality seems to be quite good and there is this blonde babe which is looking pretty hot too. Under the streaming video you have the links for the various clips and also for the full video eventually, this chick is really horny and her tits are great. I checked out their Latest Updates and it seems that they do updates quite often however I suggest you to keep an eye on Featured Series since that is the main section where you have the content with these hotties.


The quality of the content you have on this site is pretty good and with the title Supreme Hardcore you are supposed to find a rich list of great hardcore and that's more or less what is going on here. There are 8 pages filled with scenes (the main ones) and then you have also other sections such as Model Index, Live Girls and why not the Bonus Sites where you will find a big list of other niches.

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