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Review: June 25, 2008, by Gabrio
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Sweet Fresh Tails

As usual, I have found yet another teen site, this one is called SweetFreshTails.com and the good thing is that it's in high definition as well, in fact on the main pages of the tour they have several ads about the fact that the content is available in high definition. And not only, you will also get full access to their other sites, so let's see what they have in the members area, read below!


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One of the good things about this site - other than the fact that the teen videos are available in high definition, is the fact that they have a good server because I was inside the members area really quick and the page looks nice. At the top of the page, under the main header we have: Home, Bonus Sites, Bonus Feeds, Bonus Movies, Premium Live Chat, Find a Sex Friend, Troubleshooting, Contact and Log Out, then there is a welcome message for all new members of Sweet Fresh Faces and then they finally present the Most Recent Updates.

For each video scene, there is a huge and high quality 867x490 screen shot and then you have also 4 smaller images that give you what's going on in the scene, I have to say that their girls are nice and naughty but there are just 6 main scenes!! Yes you got it right. Under the list of the main teen girls, you will find the listing of their bonus sites (directly linked to the various updates) and then you have a rich list of Bonus Movies.

I checked out the most recent scene with this sexy brunette teen babe that is blowing a fat cock and in the following page (assuming that you have clicked the movies link) you will find the links for the Streaming Video as well as the Downloadable Video and they are available in bit rates from 300 kbs to 4200 kbs which is the high definition standard they have basically. If from one point of view this sounds great, I also have to tell you that if you don't have a very fast connection, then you will never see the high definition streaming videos at a decent quality since they require a very fast connection.

I really don't know why they didn't take some time and fixed some good filenames for the filenames of the videos, in fact they look like hd.wmv but let's say that you download several clips and they all have that same filename, then you will have to rename them yourself otherwise you will never remember what is what. The photo galleries look good, nice big thumbnails however they don't have the .zip download option actually.


This site SweetFreshTails.com is a nice site which features high definition videos up to 4200 kbs which you already knew by reading the review above however I think that they should definitely add some more content since the amount of main teen videos is really low. The other links for bonus goodies have the same high quality of these main teen videos and then if you want to entertain yourself with some porn, then you have the Bonus Movies.

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