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Review: October 15, 2007, by Gabrio
Sweet Zuzanna

Looking at the face of this chick Sweet Zuzanna, and note that I am a brunette lover - gotta say that this blonde looks really nice, with a clean face, young and with a fresh expression. Scrolling down the free page, you have access to a couple of pics and videos, so you can have an idea of the content inside the members area. At the end of the page, it's shown that you can have access to 12 more solo girls websites, stuff looks promising!


Overall rating7.8

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The main page of Sweet Zuzanna.com is built by an easy style and you are welcomed by a banner with Zuzanna's face and then, scrolling down, you have access to a vertical frame and to a brief presentation of the members area. The frame is composed by some links like her blog, her pictures, her videos and a live cam girls. In the same page you have a list of the latest updates with thumbnails of each set, a title content, the date and the number of the pics (or the number of the clips inside). The page ends with links to the other solo girls websites, like described above. The blog is quite empty, there are only few "welcome" lines and nothing more, so if you are interested in something personal about her, just forget it!

There are 37 photo sets, each one contains from 100 to 200 pics in nice quality, she uses to smile a lot and that makes me horny yet there is no hardcore material on the website, only her giving herself some pleasure with hands, dildos or, in a set she is having fun with a girl friend. Of course she dress with sexy lingerie and it's clear that she is not shy yet she does not really look like a whore, you know what I mean with that.... The settings of the pictorials are both indoors and outdoors, they look a little bit amateur, but nowadays solo gals websites are more or less like that.

The video section of Sweet Zuzanna is poor, there are only 5 videos though the quality is nice, she is sexy and she knows how to do. Videos are in .wmv format, they are more or less about 100 - 150 mb for 10 minutes long, I downloaded a couple of them and they were good. Looking at the bonus sites, they are done like this one, I carefully checked one in particular because I was attracted by the gal, but there was really not enough material and this made me a little disappointed, even if the quality of the sets was very good!


Well, about positives things I have to tell you that this next door chick SweetZuzanna.com is a beauty, the website is fast and easy, you can have easy access to sets and you can download them all with a .rar file. About trade offs, I think that there is just not enough content, there are just 37 pic sets and only 5 videos. This looks like a new site, so it is possible that we will see more material in the near future, but for the moment I found it too small.

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