Tanya James Review

Review: July 9, 2010, by ruben
Tanya James

Tanya James is tall and sexy and that she has that all-American look going for her that so many men really treasure and appreciate. There is just something about finding the ultimate fantasy model to get off too that makes the porn that we buy worth the money that we spend and xxx.tanyajames.com offers that sense of fantasy to a point. The fuck model featured here is simply hot and ready to play!


Overall rating6.8

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Getting to know TanyaJames is a damn good time. Over the years we have seen the luscious tall tart spreading holes and getting fucked Hustler, Penthouse and Naughty America and in several movies and is cool to see one place that really focuses on here. Since entering the game in 2003, Tanya James has proven herself to be a powerful force in he industry based on the names of some of the companies that she has worked for. Not that many stars can keep busy and strong for as long as she has and that is something to admire.

At XXX Tanya James.com we get to see what has made our diva a true star. There is some awesome hardcore happening here and she lets herself really for. We see straight fucking action, some hot solo action, killer lesbian play and some sexy posing. The problem with this site is not in the content that is put out for us to see. The problem here is that we are expected to pay a high premium for very little content. I personally hate to see a site that looks like it is being offered simply just to be offered in an attempt to scrape up a few bucks. I want to see sites that are ready and packed to the fucking top right out of the gate.

The navigation on this site is well-designed and simple to get through but there is just not much at all to navigate. Based on the high-gloss tour pages, it looks as though we are about to embark on a mission right between the legs of Tanya James. Sadly, there are only 11 videos offered at this point. The quality is sharp, crisp, colorful and well-produced here and each clip can be streamed as a flash fie or downloaded as a Windows Media File or Quicktime file and that is nice. There just needs to be more.

Photo fans will have access to 11 sets of photos full of high-res images that can be zapped down for the site in packed .ZIP files. The quality again is great, but there is very little content.


I was really let down by this site. There is so much potential here and it frankly sucks to see it just wasted on minimalist design. It looks like updates are occurring and TanyaJames has a pretty up-to-date journal here so maybe there is a real chance that this will blow up into a true adult mega-site. I will definitely check back soon to see what happens. Maybe I will review it again next year and have much more to write about.

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