Teen Sex GFs Review

Review: February 23, 2010, by ruben
Teen Sex GFs

TeenSexGfs is so big and so full of sex and cum that I fear that someone out there could quite possibly masturbate themselves to death. Take it slow guys! There is no reason to hurry here. The nasty chicks on this site work at your local video store. They bag your groceries. Hell, look closely and you may just find your babysitter. Be careful though! If you look too close you may actually learn way to much about your girlfriend!


Overall rating8.8

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This is why porn has dominated the Internet. This site is so thick in content that I don't even know where to start. You have heard all the crazy college stories that your buddies like to tell, but how much of it is just total crap? Could there be young ladies out there so nasty that they will really do just about anything to get featured on the web? Do half of these future sex divas even know that they are on the web? They are out in the world doing what they do at school, home and work and that is great, but whatever happened to that sex tape that they made a few years ago with Pablo the lifeguard from Miami Beach? That night often comes to mind. There were several drinks involved, that one chick named Becca was there and naked and there was some serious butt fucking taking and dick sucking place. Now, all people have to do to see it is find their way to TeenSexGfs.com.

In regard to content, there is no shortage of it here! Are you a fan of sex-filled amateur video? If so this site should totally please you. At this point the site is serving up an almost ridiculous 464 hot movies. Don't get your hopes up and expect high-definition here. That is not the point at Teen Sex GFs. This wild content was shot with cell phones, web cams and whatever else these people could come up with to make movies with. I hoped to see more download options other than .AVI but I'll take what I can get here and be happy. For now, I will enjoy streaming each video as Flash files that are quick and steady.

If you are a hardcore photo collector TeenSexGfs should have you feeling like a kid in a pet store but you will be looking for an entirely different type of pussy cat. At this time you can view 557 photo sets as .zip files that will quickly leave you happy and your hard drive smoking.

If all that content is not enough, you will also have access to 8 bonus sites that are also incredibly full of content. This package is amazing!


Teen Sex GFs makes me proud to write porn for a living! Every base is totally covered at this amateur mega site! I love hot Goth babes and that fetish is right here next to Latinas, interracial couples, Asian princesses and even a few Indian freaks. This is the site that I have been waiting for and one that I would actually pay to access. Just be careful! Don't hurt yourself!

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