The Big Ass Girl Review

Review: October 8, 2014
The Big Ass Girl

OK all of you ass men out there, listen up. The Big Ass Girl wants you to check out her prodigious posterior. This bodacious brunette babe brings a big 'ole booty to this solo-girl softcore party, and this a serious bee-hind. There's not much to this simple site, but what's here is interesting. You're going to see a bonanza of butt-related content here, more than you shake a stick at. It's not the best site in terms of navigation, but if like this girl's ass, this might be your heiny heaven.


Overall rating7

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I first reviewed in December of 2012, and the site has come around for a second look. Not much has changed since then, but the site has added a butt load more content, which adds some nice value.

So what do we have here? Essentially, this is a solo girl site that focuses entirely on one thing; the ass of the star of this show, The Big Ass Girl. This brunette model is attractive, if not beautiful, with a decent body, capped off with a pretty tremendous ass. It's big (in a good way), it's round, and it's well-displayed in some creative ways. This is a true softcore site, even more softcore than most. Usually the Big Ass Girl is clothed when showing off her rear end. The focus seems to be on softcore teasing, built around an apparent fetish for people who like to see a girl with a big butt showing it off. There's lot of posing in various outfits, slow undressing, and other methods to make sure you're getting a good look at this chick's big bottom.

There's a nice, sizable base of content, and it's grown well since my last review. A virtual plethora of videos and photos are here, and members will have plenty to choose from. With this amount of content, a sorting system would be nice, and that's one of the site's weaknesses; there isn't any. You have to browse for everything. I had trouble finding the blow job scenes (done on a dildo), for example. I had to really dig to find certain types of content, and that was a drag.

Technical quality of content is typical of a pro-am site. It's not bad, but it's not studio-quality. Resolution on video is mid-level, and production values are OK, if not great. Lighting, for example could be a little dark at times. Speeds on streams and downloads were quick. Overall, content is presented in technical fashion that I'd call "good enough."

Amount of content: 445 videos/100k photos
Update frequency: 20+ per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 640/480 pixels
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1 024px x 768px
Available for mobile: Yes


The bottom line at the The Big Ass is that you are getting a ton of softcore content showing a solo girl with a nice big butt. I'd really like to see some variety in what's here. Even with a lot, it all tends to look the same after a while. The site could also use some navigational tools. That said, if you like this girl's look, and are a fan of asses, this site has some appeal. The price is decent, so check out the previews before deciding here.

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