The Female Orgasm Review

Review: November 2, 2011, by ruben
The Female Orgasm

Have you ever taken a really close look at a pussy as it experiences an orgasm? So much takes place that is beautiful to watch. The Female Orgasm is a site dedicated to exploring this topic. An army of gorgeous fuck dolls make this site come to life by sharing their joy as their pussies swell, contract and drip sweet juices. This is really amazing to watch. This site is more than porn. You are about to get educated.


Overall rating8.5

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There are quite a few problems associated with orgasms (believe it or not) and most of these problems seem to be psychological. Men often have trouble believing that their ladies actually experience orgasm and ladies often have trouble reaching that point. Some women even fake their pleasure for one reason or another.

TheFemaleOrgasm brings the issue of female orgasms into light and showcases every side of the experience. Men can take a great deal of information from this site if they really pay attention to what is taking place with their lovers.

The site goes deep in between the legs of some seriously hot babes and shows us exactly what happens when they cum. Your girl will not be able to fake it any more. You will be able to tell if she is or not by knowing exactly what to look for.

Video fans will be able to get off to over 400 steaming hot videos here that feature a great deal of self-play and a few incredible lesbian fuck sessions. Each video examines the woman that is featured by showing her complete reaction to a real orgasm. Some ladies cum quickly and some work at it until they break through and find their rhythm. Every video on the site is crisp and clear and very fun to watch. You can stream each movie on the site for quick access or you can choose from a number of download options. High-Quality Windows Media Files and DivX files are available in addition to files that are pre-formatted for mobile devices.

Photo fans get the pleasure of having access to right around 150 sticky photo sets that get into some very serious detail. Some of the close-up shots that are featured could also make their way into human sexuality textbooks or medical journals. It is truly sweet to see a pussy up close and in your face as its colors change from pink to various shades of purple and red as it swells, throbs and contracts as it is massaged, fingered and licked. Build a collection of orgasm action by downloading your favorite photos in packed .zip files.

Conclusion is one hell of a site to sit back and explore. Every model that I watched get off was dead set on achieving her goal and totally focused on experiencing total pleasure. There is enough content here right off the bat to be a value and the site is updated regularly. Combine all of that with easy navigation and you have a pretty amazing experience that is definitely worth the price of admission.

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