The Mr. Pea Body Review

Review: November 29, 2012
The Mr. Pea Body

Mister Peabody is the eponymously named site of a self-described "average guy" who finds amateur women, fucks them, films it, and then posts it on his site. To be honest, this premise is kind of appealing. Most of us are average guys, and I'm sure we've all wondered what it might be like to go out and start your own porn site. Mr. Peabody allows all of those average guys out there to experience this vicariously through his adventures in the pro-am porn world.


Overall rating6.3

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"I'm Mister Peabody and...I'm just an 'average' guy yet I figured out how to get sexy ordinary girls and MILFs to pose naked (and even fuck me) on camera.."
This quote, taken from the portal to MisterPeabody, pretty well sums up what this site is all about. Mr. Peabody is the "average" guy who, at the age of 40, fat, unemployed, living with his mother, divorced, and not getting laid; decided to change all of that. He started placing ads on the net looking for amateur women to fuck; and apparently succeeded. He decided to record these encounters, and the result is

I really like this premise, and it appears genuine. I think these are actually real-life, unpaid amateur women. How this guy got women to allow them to put their encounters on the net, I have no idea, but if this is acting, it's damned good acting. It's even more believable in that most of the ones he has here are not all that great looking, and that's one of the negatives. He has 16 women on the site, and I'd say only a handful are what most guys would consider hot.

Each girl has a set of pics, and 12 of them have a set of videos of their encounter with Mr. Peabody. Each one also has a brief description of how he found them, and how they wound up bumping uglies.

The videos stream at a resolution of 856x480; quality is not fantastic. They are mostly shot from the first-person POV, and I'm guessing not with a great camera, and lighting is spotty. The vids are also broken up into short segments, which is not ideal. Photo resolution maxes at 1024x768. Navigation is very easy and the site is simple to browse.

Mr. Peabody has built up his online porn empire to include other sites, and membership gets you access to those, plus some other outside content. This makes up a little for the low amount of content on the main site.

Amount of content: 12 videos and 16 picture sets
Update frequency: twice a month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x 480 and (HD)856/480
Video types: wmv
Photo resolution: 1024x768px
Available for mobile: No


Ever wondered what it might be like to get your own porn site going? Where you fuck amateur women and throw it up on the net for paying members? Well, Mister shows you one man's version of that experience. I can't say you're going to see a guy with a huge cock banging hot sluts (in fact, his dick is small and these women are mostly "meh"). However, the fucking is genuine and he has a good scheme. The bonus content might make it a "buy," but I wish there was a trial membership.

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