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Review: August 8, 2008, by Donna

Looking for some hot, hard as rock hunks? Looking for sexy stallions, pure filth and sex so hot it burns? Then check out! This site brings you guys who are built for a rough ride. These stallions are gorgeous, hot and hard enough to make you squirm. As a member of The Rear Stable you gain access to 1000s of model photographs and shots captured during the filming of Raging Stallion productions, full length streaming videos, new material every week and 3 free bonus sites. Saddle up and join me on a ride into the members area!

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Overall rating7.5

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Inside the members area of The Rear Stable, the layout is extremely similar to the log in page. It has a really professional and graphics intensive look. Across the main header is the menu bar with all your member features including Video Stable, Stallion Men, XXX Cinema, Music to Fuck To, and Latest DVD Releases. Looking at the left hand side of the page there are also two extras features: Customer Support and Buy DVDs. Scrolling down, there is recent news concerning the site, a feature on there man of the year, then a list of all the latest additions, a live cam schedule, most popular update and lastly features on the upcoming updates.

Starting in the Video Stable there are 7 pages of videos to choose from. In total there are 70 videos. All are listed alphabetically and you choose from titles such as Cops Gone Bad, Hairy Boyz and Take It Like A Man. Clicking on the video you want to watch, there is first the option to purchase them on DVD. Scrolling down there are some images from the movie as well as option to stream or view certain video clips. There are also Action Sets which are more images from the video. Just to note, not all of the video have these action sets however. The amount of scenes ranges with each movie - I viewed videos that had just one scene, some that had 4. The streaming clips are available in 38K, 180K and 300K. The downloads are playable with Window Media only and are in a 300K format. Some have a 700K format. The video quality is good - above average, clear and sharp. Scenes range in length from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

The Action Sets are good quality photos shot from the productions. The size of the photos is around 480 x 720 and there is no zoom options. However, the quality makes up the size, they are very good photos. Again, each movie varies, some have 3 pages of images, others have merely one page.

The Stallion Men section of the site lists all the models. There are 160 models in all, each model has some photographic model shots and links to the features they have appeared in. For more video footage check out the XXX Cinema links - there are tons on the index page to choose from.


The Rear is very impressive content wise. There are 70 full length videos to choose from, as well as photo sets, that is not to mention the live cam shows and bonus features. There are a few negatives - navigation. There are so many graphics, links and features on the main page, at times it's confusing and looks cluttered. The videos were good quality, but an added bonus would have been different download formats. The pictures are high quality, but could have been larger. These are only very minor faults, overall a great site.

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