The Upper Floor Review

Review: January 28, 2010, by Steve
The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor is a website based on an ambitious project conceived by the Kink network that aims to create a fully integrated 24/7 BDSM community in their The Armory home in San Francisco. They aim to turn the upper floor (hence the name!) of the building into a community from which live shows are currently being broadcast regularly, thus resulting in the videos and photo galleries that you will see on this site. It is an idea unlike any other where everyone will live a full BDSM lifestyle with assigned roles and positions!


Overall rating8.5

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TheUpperFloor is a brand new idea and as such you would not expect much content on it just yet - even so, they already have 39 episodes which are so lengthy and detailed, and there are between 8 live shows every week to add to the weekly content updates. The presentation is good with detailed write-ups of all the scenes. The details of the performers are great - their names are linked up on each episode to any other scenes they have done on this network, and the general information about what is going on elsewhere in the network is also excellent.

The video options are excellent. There are high definition downloads as high as 1280x720px available with numerous other lower quality videos also on offer which should cater for any preference. Flash Player streams are available alongside .WMV and .MP4 downloads, and you can download in clips or the full videos. Fantastic options, and although the photo options don't quite match their depth they are still quite good with a choice of photos sized at 533x800px or 800x1200px, and .ZIP download files on both. Pretty good stuff on the whole.

Kink are known for pushing the boundaries of fetish and BDSM porn and creating visions in the genres that no other company has come close to emulating. But even by their standards, is a very high concept idea that will certainly test their resources and creativity. It is still very much a work in progress, it seems, with their premises continuing to be adapted to house the idea. But judging by these early offerings, they are already well on their way to producing something quite special here. It is an interactive site as well where the members can dictate what the slaves and masters do on screen in real time.

The basic concept is utterly fascinating - the idea of a full time porn 'commune' has been attempted before but not succeeded with, and certainly not attempted in BDSM circles. They already have full-time 'employees' on board such as Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi, according to their introduction, and certainly the former has played a large part in many recent updates. So far the range of content is fascinating from group sex and bondage sessions to one-on-one lesbian scenes, but I have to say that the set and surroundings look absolutely amazing. It's so refreshing to see a porn company that wants to keep improving and challenging itself to create new ideas.


The Upper has to be, in my opinion, THE site to watch in 2010, regardless of genre. It is a completely extraordinary idea that, if it comes even slightly close to fulfilling its potential, will be a fantastic community to be a part of. You can always rely on Kink to bring you outstanding content, and there is no change here, but even by their standards this is an idea that has potential that is limitless. One criticism - lower the price until you have more updates, please!

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