Tina Tina Review

Review: November 1, 2010, by Jennifer
Tina Tina

This is the sexy site of a beautiful brunette MILF called Tina Tina! She is a stunning older babe who has got a killer body and gorgeous face. Inside of her personal site you can see exclusive pics and videos of her in all of her sexiest outfits, but don't expect to see hardcore. Don't even expect to see nudity! TIna doesn't even show her tits. It's a sexy softcore site with Tina in sexy little get ups.


Overall rating7.3

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If you've found yourself fallen in love with Tina, then you may just like to be a member of TinaTina.com. She is a very beautiful woman with a killer body in some sexy outfits, but if you've come to see her naked, you should turn back now. There is one or two sets where you can see her boobs through a mesh shirt or a wet tshirt, but otherwise, Tina doesn't even get topless. I'm just warning you that they show more skin in Playboy than you'll find on this site. However with that aspect aside, I'm going to assume you know this going into your purchase and just want to see this babe in her cute little outfits.

With all of the content disclaimers aside, it looks like they've got a really nice site here. They offer some professional photography of this sexy MILF that really captures her in some stunning pics and videos. She offers a couple dozen different videos that are only about 2-5 minutes in length. You can watch these clips in either streaming or download options. All of their movies are in WMV format and MP4 for mobile phones.

Tina offers way more photo sets than she does videos. These are where she really shines in stunning professional photography shot on location at the beach and on set. Each of the pics can be viewed with a hands-free slide show mechanism where you can control the interval between photos. Unfortunately they don't offer a zip file of the whole set, but you can bookmark the set to add to your favorites.

There are also a few bonus items to see on the site too. If you've found yourself in love with Tina then you must read her personal diary! She unfortunately hasn't updated it in nearly a year, but she has some candid photos and stories to tell. Another unfortunate thing is that the site hasn't been updated in almost a year either. So the content that they have here is all they're gonna add. They do have some bonus websites to view that feature some other beautiful girls but if you're preferential to Tina, you can always message her through the private message system.


There are a few unfortunates with this site such as there is no nudity at all, there hasn't been an update in nearly a year, and there are no zipped files to download the pics. However they do have some great content of the beautiful MILF which is TinaTina in stunning professional shot content. You can also read her diary (which also hasn't been updated) and you can send her a private message telling her how beautiful she is.

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