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Review: December 7, 2009, by Steve

Seconds out, round one! Ultimate Surrender is a BDSM site that has a competitive element to it. If you'd always thought the women's wrestling matches you had seen on WWE or TNA had always looked a bit lame and tame, then check these out! This is competitive female sexual wrestling set in a real ring with real wrestling rules where girls will attempt to make the other one submit not just with a good full nelson - but a quick fingering of their opponent's pussy might do the trick as well!

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Overall rating7.8

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Bearing in mind that UltimateSurrender is quite a lot different from most adult sites out there, the makers should be really applauded for the presentation and information on both the free tour and in the members' area. They lay out the rules of the content on the site as well as introducing you to all the competitors and also letting you know of recent results! As well as that, the tour gives you full access to look at every contest that it has ever published. It's a great effort and the layout is excellent.

In total, there are 305 episodes (or bouts) at the time of my review, so they really have put a huge effort in here and they add a new bout every week. The most recent videos have high definition downloads on them in .WMV and .MP4 formats, but you won't find these on the older videos though. There are lower quality downloads if you need them and there are also streaming versions of these videos on the site if you need them. All galleries are available in .ZIP downloads, which was pretty useful as well. But the site is really packed full of viewing options on its videos.

It's something of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I do like wrestling and I have been watching some professional female wrestling recently too. However, it's safe to say that UltimateSurrender.com is quite a bit different from the type of thing I've been used to! Here, the girls are not trying to stretch each other out of shape with fancy wrestling holds nor are they trying to batter them with martial arts kicks or suplexes. The girls are challenged to have competitive matches that are at the same time sexy.

The rules are very clear - if any of the girls take it too seriously and legitimately try and injure the other models, they get kicked out of the site. And they mean it! Whichever model wins gets to fuck the other girl in any way she sees fit but does stand the chance to win a prize if she wins any of the tournaments that are going on. The only problem I found is that the bouts could be too long and too similar at times but this was really fascinating and very different.


I have to say that Kink continue to outdo themselves. This is a really fascinating and different site that chucks out all the painful stuff of 'normal' wrestling and the ridiculousness of the usual naked women wrestling to come up with something that is a great compromise. They take it seriously, but not too seriously, and actually do something constructive with the matches so that you actually want to keep watching. The promise of upcoming live streaming bouts is a really interesting one too. Vince McMahon eat your heart out!

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