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Review: September 30, 2010, by Steve

Valentina is a beautiful brunette Italian model who is featuring her on her very own official website. You will not only see her looking really sexy in some very hot clothing on her site, but you will also get the chance to see a lot of very nice foot and leg fetish content. She loves to show off her shapely legs and feet, and she loves to model them in some very kinky items too.

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Overall rating6.8

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This is an Italian site so the site is largely presented in Italian. There is an option to view this site in English, but it only seemed to work on the free tour for some reason. The general site presentation was pretty good but it was clear that it could have been a lot better in places. For instance, it was rather simplistic in terms of the information and descriptions of all galleries and videos. There did not seem to be any update information, and there was practically no interaction with the model herself. In general though the site gave me no actual problems, it just lacked a few things.

In terms of image sizes, we were told that images as large as 2462x3283px were available, but most of the photos I saw were only sized at half that size, and that was after double clicking them to their full size. There were no ZIP gallery downloads here. The videos did not have any options on offer at all with all of them downloading immediately in .WMV format, usually at 720x576px. There were no DRM restrictions on the site's content, a total of 9 videos and 41 photo galleries, but no hint on the site about updates. They did mention to us that they only update monthly.

There are very, very few Italian sites out there for some reason - in fact, this might be the first that I have ever reviewed. We need more! And if they were a lot like Valentina then I would not be disappointed because the content here is good quality solo girl fare, as well as featuring a girl who belongs in the long lineage of Italian beauties.

It's true to say, with its lack of nudity, that this site won't appeal to everyone and it would probably be tame by the standards of an FHM shoot. But for foot and leg fetishists, as well as those addicted to high heeled shoes and stockings, this is an exciting new site because she is clearly a talented model in this field. Definitely worth checking out but do monthly updates cut it?


Valentina herself is a beautiful model who clearly has a very concerted idea about how to perform as a leg and foot fetish model. That translates nicely to her site with a very impressive batch of videos and galleries that do a great job. Quite whether there is enough content here to justify an admittedly low monthly fee, I don't know. Depends on how much you like her, I guess!

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