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Review: September 15, 2009, by Gabrio
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Victoria Givens

Victoria Givens got the world record for an anal gang bang counting 101 studs with no that's gonna be hard if you ask me! If you want to know all the details about this naughty anal loving girl then you are in the right place! The preview area doesn't tell much so i guess that we need to get to know the facts and as usual you have to keep on reading the full review below.


Overall rating7

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At the top of the page we have these links for moving around: Home, Store, Contest, Stories, Blogs, Photos, Zip Sets and Support, then you have a welcome message and there's also a note that the website gets "reloaded" every week, what's this the Matrix? haha.. Victoria wants to hear from her fans and you find on the main page a link for members feedback; i like interaction from the models, shows that they take care of their paying members.

Still from the main page you have some images that connect you to her exclusive videos and to her exclusive photo galleries as well, then you have also premium feeds, her privatecamZ archives, movies on demand. The links for the Exclusive Videos that are linked from the main page do not feature her though, the ones which are currently on the page are with Shy Love, Brittany Sky and a few others... strange. Anyway i clicked on videos from the top of the page and now we start talking since you find also her friends videos here but her own clips, that is what you came here for, right?

Although it's not really clear and easy to figure out which are her clips and which are her friends, i think they should have divided the videos into friends and her own clips. When you click any of the preview images that are on the page then you are connected with another page with a bigger screen cap that now is linked to the .wmv clip. The files are about 65-100mb in terms of size, there is also a quick link to the matching photo gallery of the same set and also the smaller video segments just in case you don't want the big one.

As for the photo galleries the section is pretty good, same layout as the videos with both her own clips and the friends all together, they open in a new window which is a little bit annoying however she looks hot and the feeling that i get by checking them out is that she really has a great sexual energy. The galleries have very small thumbnails and screen res of the images is 800x500 - zip archives are available under the "Zip Sets" menu. Her contests page is really cool where a lucky member will join her to help her review and rate a porn movie!


I think that as usual if you are a true Victoria Givens's fan then you will join this website regardless of this review but i feel that you may want to know certain things before joining it. Inside the members area i have found a good amount of content and this anal sex loving girl really puts an intense energy in her sex scenes. On the other hand i think that the website is a bit messy inside and it's a bit hard to find her videos for example, you have to go vid by vid.

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