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Review: July 26, 2017, by Neil

Virtual is definitely the kind of website you would think it is upon hearing its name. Yes, the videos on here and in VR, and, yes, they feature mostly stepfamily-related porn content. Its stunning VR videos, as well as image galleries more than justify the prices for the membership on this website. If you are into this type of porn or just straight hardcore porn for that matter, you will love watching videos from this website.

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Virtual Taboo is a VR porn website which was launched back in 2015. Over the previous two years, the people running the website have given it their all, trying to upload as much content as possible while keeping the quality of it at the highest possible level. And, if you ask me, they have succeeded. These videos are hotter than hot and the action within them is simply amazing. But, if a step family porn is a turn off for you, you will not like this website. Yes, the premise of these videos features you nailing your step-mother/step-sister or just watching them masturbate. There are a couple of lesbian videos on here as well.

Speaking of videos, there are exactly 98 of them on the website. The site updates twice per week, so there will be even more of them in the near future. The maximum possible resolution of these videos is 2880x1440, while the maximum resolution of images is 5184 x 3456px. Now, unfortunately, you cannot download the images. Neither can you stream the videos (although they are planning to add that feature in the near future). But, there is no limit when it comes to downloading the videos.

Besides your usual subscription options, this site has another feature which is really neat. Namely, you can download one video (any video) for the price of $9.99 USD. That is a great thing if you ask me because there might be people who just one that one video and nothing else from the site. Oh, and once you download it, it is yours forever. Yes, the site is completely DRM free.

When you take into consideration all of the above-mentioned things, you have to say that this is a pretty good VR website. Sure, there are some things that could be improved, but as things stand now, this site is worth the subscription for one month at least.

Amount of content: 98 videos and hundreds of photos
Update frequency: Twice per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 2880x1440 (Full HD)
Video types: flash & mp4
Photo resolution: 5184x3456px
Available for mobile: Yes


VirtualTaboo may not have thousands upon thousands of videos, but it does have a fair amount of high-quality ones. The total immersion created by these VR videos is unbelievable and you can enjoy it all for a fair price. Unfortunately, you cannot stream the videos, neither can you download the images, but that does not mean that these things will not be available soon on the website. All in all, I think that this is a great VR site.

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