VR Cosplay X Review

Review: June 6, 2018, by Neil
VR Cosplay X

From popular video games and anime to popular movies and TV shows, every imaginable piece of pop culture is being parodied on VR Cosplay X. To put it plainly - hot chicks wear costumes from your favorite pieces of entertainment and fuck like crazy. Yup, that would be the most accurate description of this fantastic VR porn website that truly has a lot of various things to offer to its faithful subscribers.


Overall rating8.8

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In the previous review, I have labeled VR Cosplay X.com as a 'heaven for geeks'. Well, not much has changed since then except that the site grew in size (contentwise) and that its scenes became even geekier. This was accomplished by people behind this website who have cleverly followed trends in video games, anime, TV shows, movies, and many other forms of entertainment. Indeed, your run-of-the-mill nerds and geeks will have a field day while browsing through the content on this website. That does not mean that others will find this website unenjoyable. The ladies on here are hotter than hot and the kinky action featured in the videos is arousing as hell.

Speaking of those videos, there are 78 of them available on the website. They max out at the 4K resolution (soon this website will support the 5K resolution as well) and can be either viewed directly on the website or downloaded. Videos can be played on almost every VR device available on the market at the moment. Naturally, these clips come with all of the bells and whistles of a VR porn video - binaural sound, 180 degrees head tracking, 60 fps, and many many more technical specs which make the viewing experience on this website quite pleasurable. Also, some of the videos (like the Harry Potter parody) feature special effects, which makes this website the only VR porn site to do so.

When it comes to the extras, besides the feedback for the creators of the videos, you will also be able to get (if you are a US resident, that is) free VR cardboard goggles. Plus, this site is going to add the access to Badoink VP which has over 10,000 HD videos. Also, the immersive handsfree VR theatre mode is going to be available pretty soon on this website as well.

Amount of content: 78 videos and image galleries
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 3840 x 1920 (4K/Ultra HD)
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: N/A
Available for mobile: Yes


Truth be told, I do not think that you will find a better website that mixes cosplay and VR porn than VRCosplayX. From the hotness of the babes to the exceptional quality of its videos, this site is producing some of the best VR porn content out there which, when combined with all of the other goodies this site offers makes this particular website more than worth both your money and time. This site is excellent. Period.

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