Waitress POV Review

Review: July 24, 2019, by Marilyn

Part time waitresses, full time whores. That's the best way to describe the chicks on Waitress POV. They're broke tip-dependant workers who supplement their income by fucking for cash. Their bosses wouldn't approve but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The site is very small because it just recently launched and the update schedule is unclear but membership gives you access over 40 bonus sites in the Fetish network.

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Overall rating7.1

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Waiting on tables doesn't pay well. At best you earn minimum wage, at worst, you have to wait on a bad tipper. All that means the waitresses have to come up with creative ways to get more money coming in. Fortunately for us, they don't mind whoring themselves out for a little bit of cash. That's the premise at Waitress POV in a nutshell - broke but hot waitresses selling their tight holes to the highest bidder.

It's a reality porn site with okay acting but really hot fucking. The sex is borderline rough and most of it shot POV-style so at times, it'll feel like you're the one dipping into the waitresses' wet holes.

This site is part of the Fetish network so when you first log in, you'll land on splash page with an ad and then another page with content from all over the network. Find this particular site and click "view more" to see all the episodes it has.

There aren't a whole of scenes to be honest but that's because Waitress POV is still relatively new. As of right now there are just 10 scenes so breezing through them should be no problem at all. Each scene has a video and a photo set. 4K is offered as the highest video quality but if your device can't handle that, try the SD, HD or ultra HD options.

Each scene has got a brief caption laying out what to expect. You have the option of streaming the videos online or downloading them and enjoying them later. They're also mobile-friendly so you can take them on the go with you. You can also add any videos you want to your favorites. Photo-wise, each movie comes with set of screenshots that you can view in a slide show online.

Given how little content there is right now, it helps that you get access to over 40 sites like Brutal POV and Face Sitting Freaks among others.

Amount of content: 10 videos and 10 photo galleries
Update frequency: unknown
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 4K
Video types: flash, mp4
Photo resolution: 1600x900px
Available for mobile: Yes


I like the Waitress-POV theme and I really love the hardcore action but sadly there isn't enough of it. I know the site is still new but you should know right before you go in just how few scenes there currently are. Thankfully though, you get access to the whole Fetish network which means you'll spend a whole ton of time browsing through the network sites than this one and if that's okay with you then join right away, if not, wait for Waitress POV to grow just a tad more.

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