Wam Girls Review

Review: March 25, 2009, by Gabrio
Wam Girls

Do you think that water can't be hot? I know that it sounds like a non sense sentence but you will think about that twice as soon as you will see Wam Girls's content. From what I can see the main feature here is Lori Anderson and she is playing in wet and messy videos, so in the video we have at the top of the page she is playing with cream and other crazy things, such as fruit! Let's see some more now....


Overall rating6

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If you like websites with "messy content", then you will really enjoy this website Wam Girls.com where we have the main girl Lori Anderson getting all messy and playing with cream and stuff. On the main page of the members area we find a website which is rather small and it's quite easy moving around...

At the top of the page we have these links: Home, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Bonus Content and Live Cams, then all around this page you have 3 other bonus sections which are: Hot of the press (basically a section where you have the most recent updates), then Top Photo Shoots and Bonus Content and then if you just scroll down the page a little bit you are going to find a drop down menu which lets you move around the bonus sites that they have.

I started with the photo galleries and we have a total of 79 galleries here, they look pretty mixed when it comes to the content and in some they don't really have enough content if you ask me. I was thinking to find only Lori's galleries here but instead I found galleries with other girls as well and they are not all "messy" speaking about the content but in many of them you can see the girls playing with cream, chocolate and so on.

The main image pages are pretty basic and you can choose whether you want to use small, medium or large thumbnails. After browsing the main pages I found more sets with Lori that was what I was looking after actually, she is having fun in her bath room, then playing with crazy fruit and sexy bikinis as well, so we have a bit mixed content here. Then I moved to the videos, we have 32 clips available which are typically hardcore, the clips are available in mpeg and flash format and overall they were playing quite well even if the interface is not very user friendly if you ask me. The main video pages gave me a few issues on my browser and you have to accept the add on for playing the streaming videos, I found just a few "messy videos".


I was thinking to find only Lori Anderson's content inside the members area of WamGirls but instead you have also other photos and videos with other couples having fun and wild sex. In the messy videos you will see girls playing with whip cream and funny things that will spice up your everyday life and the video with Lori are really naughty as she is in love with what she is doing! Do not forget also the bonus sites that you have with this membership.

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