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Review: July 3, 2008, by Gabrio
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Wax Punishment

I chosen for Wax Punishment.com the category extreme and fetish because the kind of content you have in the members area of this site falls into this niche, from what I can see on the tour at least, so you have these girls playing with wax with the guys and they love being the mistresses this time. The guys are suffering here but that is just what they wanted, seeing is believing.


Overall rating6.8

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So, you are ready for knowing all the details of this fetish website WaxPunishment.com right? Then you are in the right place....the ling for the members area is located right at the bottom of the page and in a matter of a few moments the main page will be in front of you. One thing that I have to tell you right away was the fact that many of the images that you have on the website appear broken so in a way is a bit to locate inside the website, but we'll manage anyway.

I can see that there is a welcome message for all the new members of the site and then I clicked the link located under the main header (which is broken) that reads content and in a few secs you reach yet another page where you have the main scenes - overall there are 3 pages and you can also rate each episode if you want. For all the clips you have a quicktime video or a .avi video clip, which will not work in streaming by the way, then you have a photo gallery along with the .zip archive for it.

I checked out one of the photo galleries they have and for each set you have also some text that tells you what is going on and you can see that the girls are pouring on these poor guys warm wax on their bodies, The photo galleries have pretty large thumbnails and the full sized images look quite good as well, in terms of quantity of images, like I said before you have 3 pages in total and each scene has both photos and videos available. I tested some video downloads actually and the speed was REALLY VERY slow in fact I got 160-180 k/sec that is average if you ask me, and in the video clips you are going to see these girls doing whatever they want with the poor guys.

There are some clips which have good settings like old factories and stuff like that, in the end they fit pretty well the overall feel they wanted to give with this content, which means a little bit extreme.


Speaking in terms of content, I think that they have done a good job considering the fact of the uniqueness of the material in fact you don't see very often a website with this kind of stuff in, girls putting HOT wax on their slaves, too bad that for some reason the images they have on WaxPunishment are not displaying correctly but in the end I managed to move around anyway so I am sure you will do the same.

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