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Review: June 10, 2010, by ruben

Technology is amazing. I can be all alone and just relaxing in bed and if I get horny, I can just grab my laptop and head over to X Love Cam. I will be greeted there by over 20,000 sexy cam models from all over the world and they will do just about anything that I desire. At any given time a couple hundred of these hot sex models are online. That is pretty sweet!

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Overall rating8.8

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XLoveCam is just hot. I have spent the morning chatting with babes in Greece, Russia, Bulgaria and the UK and I have been very impressed with the quality of the streams. I have a wireless cable Internet connection and I experienced no buffering at all.

Cam models have been around for quite a while but right now is a renaissance for them of sorts. Streaming technology is better than ever, tools are cheaper and it is easier now than ever before to join an established network where money can really be made. It used to be that cam sites were on the down low but they have become mainstream and widely accepted now and that is nice to watch. I believe that this even helps the models to be more free and less inhibited. Knowing that what they are doing is now less taboo frees them up and lets them really go crazy.

To test this site out I surfed from one chick to another asking basic questions. The navigation here is pretty slick and you can choose a cam girl based on her look, location or even the language that she speaks. If you are feeling really brave you can actually fire up your mic to really chat with the models. This was fun for me because some of these babes had awesome humorous moments. The language gap was a blast to try to get through! If you want to go even further, you can join these ladies on cam. You are watching them do crazy shit, right? They should be able to watch you also, right? Isn't that just fair?

For extra fun, pay a few dollars per month to have access to the archives of your favorite girl. This is fun and it really gives you an idea how far that she will go for you.

This is not a cheap project in regard to buying points/credits but it is as close to the real thing as you will get on the web so the price is not much of an issue. It is hard to resist a woman named Elena that claims to be 20 but looks much younger while she stares at you with big eyes attached to a body with massive boobs and a firm ass. I spent some cash with Elena and the results were amazing! Good times!


XLoveCam.com makes you feel like you have over 20,000 puppets at your fingertips. These ladies (and a few couples) are bound and determined to make you feel good and they do it right. The selection of models is impressive here, the feeds are quick and steady and the navigation is slick and easy to get through. This is one site that could kill me in regard to cash, but this could be well worth it!

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