XL Asians Review

Review: July 25, 2011
XL Asians

XLAsians.com is a pretty new site featuring a cool mix of interesting niches. First of all, we got some really cute looking Asian babes, then you can rest assured that the porn isn't censored like most Japanese porn, and then you have the ever popular chubbiness factor. Combine these all together and there you go. There's videos, there's pictures, and there's even some pretty nice looking bonus sites intended to keep you more than busy.


Overall rating7.3

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XL Asians.com is pretty unique. I've seen oodles of Asian sites (and trust me, I'm not complaining there), and I've seen tons of big girl sites as well. Rarely, are the two are combined, and if they are, we are talking about one or two Asian models mixed in there somewhere. This site has dedicated all pf their content to big Asian girls.

Seeing the free tour will answer all your questions. Its designed well and they even have a short streaming trailer to watch. From the tour and trailer, you will notice they have some sexy self shot poses as well as lots of hardcore sex. A plus with big girls, especially here, is that these Asian honeys all have some pretty big titties so there's that very lovely attribute.

The members area is deigned a lot better than some of the other sites in the network. Oh, did I mention you get full on access to 6 bonus sites, all awesome and Asian themed? Excellent. You will be greeted with the latest updates upon your arrival. Navigation is improved as well with a header marked with pictures, videos, etc.

There are 31 picture galleries at present time. Each gallery has about 60-70 pictures per set or so, give or take. Pictures look really good and open up at a resolution of about 662x1436 which is pretty large. Picture lovers will enjoy the zipfile downloads which will make it really easy to download entire galleries in just a couple of clicks.

As far as videos go, there are 13 videos at this time. If you look at the tab that says "Future Updates," you will see whats coming up and I'm happy to see there's much more to come in the near future. As far as quality goes, videos look pretty good, even in fullscreen. Videos have a resolution of about 620x416 and a bitrate of 1239kb/sec give or take but they look pretty good for these somewhat modest numbers.

To help with the content numbers, you do get access to those 6 bonus sites. They are all Asian themed including actual Japanese porn and some nice niches of there own.


XLAsians is a pretty good site. Its double fun for those members who love their Asian girls and have an appetite for plus sized babes. The content is hardcore and they got some real cuties to perform. The overall quality is pretty good for both pictures and videos. The bonus sites help with the relatively low number of overall content so it would be a good idea to scope out those bonus sites before subscribing. All in all, its a pleasant place to visit.

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