XL Toons Review

Review: June 3, 2010, by Steve
XL Toons

XL Toons is a cartoon and animated porn site with a difference. This site features famous cartoon characters drawn in situations that they wouldn't normally be animated in! Featuring completely exclusive cartoons and galleries, a rarity for any pornographic animation site, you can see sights such as Homer Simpson fucking The Little Mermaid - and much more! There is certainly no chance of this stuff being commissioned by a TV network!


Overall rating8.5

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The site currently has themselves advertising a total of over 13,000 individual images on board, with daily updates being made. The images are divided into around 168 galleries or updates. The navigation here was very good - I really enjoyed the free tour which was very bright and entertainingly designed, but the members' area was superb. I liked the fact that the content was divided into the characters that appear in them, and it was good to see that all the updates were well described in terms of their content. All updates are clearly dated as well, plus there was an easy path to each of the 4 bonus sites that were on show here. It was really well presented.

I think the main disappointment here for me was the fact that there weren't .ZIP downloads with the galleries here, nor were there any hands free slideshow options. Image sizes varied throughout the site, but they were generally of a large enough size that you wouldn't be disappointed with them. There are quite a lot of wallpapers thrown in from time to time, and these are available at a highest resolution of 1600x1200px.

A nice break from the usual Japanese dominated animated fare you see on the porn market, XLToons.com really offers you something completely different. After all, how often do you see Kim Possible fucking her hot lesbian cousin with a dildo? Or Buzz Lightyear being mounted by a hot green alien? Not often I suspect! Sure, some of you may well have imagined this kind of thing but the creators of this site have brought it to life for you.

There are no crude reworkings of these characters here. They are almost as well designed and drawn as the originals - the animation here is completely fantastic and some of the best porn cartoons that I have ever seen of any genre. Plus, it's not easy to make cartoons genuinely hot or sexy, but they have done precisely that here. It really is a great site, but I just wonder if maybe videos could be their next step - unless, of course, copyright is an issue in that regard.


XL Toons.com is genuinely one of the most entertaining and impressive cartoon porn sites that I have ever seen. With a large amount of exclusively drawn content on board, a regular stream of new galleries and images, and a quartet of very good cartoon bonus sites, this site does very little wrong. The quality of the artwork was really quite outstanding, and they have successfully managed to corrupt some of the most innocent cartoon characters around. Job done, guys!

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