240 Pounders with Large Thighs

Released at: November 11, 2020 by MelonJuggler Productions
240 POUNDERS will satiate any cock hunger! A side of white thighs engorging a plump pink pussy and this becomes a super-sized meal! Offering up her 240 pounds, Sapphire 38L lets the plumber drain his pipes instead of fixing hers. Leah Jayne encourages having all 240 pounds of her sexy self examined in the kitchen. Big Pounders Rebecca Ryder and Honey Rox take a pounding between their ample thighs from two horny guys. Mature Carole Brown offers up more than an eyeful as a special treat to a cheeky guy. Maria Moore offers up her double pounder tits for your viewing pleasure before taunting you with what lies behind her creamy thighs. And last but not least, Kore Goddess taunts a cock with her double pounder breasts before receiving a creamy load all over them. This video is packed full of big and tasty girls that are going to leave you feeling full until you empty your load of special sauce."

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Leah Jayne

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