50 Year Old Anal Addicts 3

Released at: June 5, 2013 by White Ghetto
If experience is the best teacher, these 50-year-old anal divas are experts on the subject. Jumping at every opportunity to soothe their libidinal urges, these seasoned MILFS have earned that acronym hands-down. Mommies or not, these cougars **LIVE** to fuck because they **LOVE** to fuck. For that, they make no excuses because, according to them, it's a natural, god-given right that they take advantage of as often as possible. That they love anal most is the icing on the cake! Don't miss the final scene in which a real-life 58-year-old English teacher stars in her first porn film. She exchanges English lessons with her porn star student for a chance to revisit memories of her anal past! This teacher will certainly have something new to discuss in English class!

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