A Few Of Jenna's Favorite Things

Released at: March 25, 2015 by Adult Empire Clips
After a fun filled day on the town, Jenna J. Ross and Katrina Jade finally find a quiet corner where they can spend some quality time together without interruptions, and without clothes. The sight of young, sexy beautiful Jenna discovering Katrina's body is too much for Chad to handle and so he takes it upon himself to coach her through the process, helping to remove Katrina's shorts and panties and then seizing the moment and diving head first into her beautiful pussy. With his mouth occupied, this leaves Jenna free to explore at her leisure, letting Katrina taste her tits. Chad and Katrina agree to team up on Jenna and go for her pussy at the same time, bringing Jenna to the edge of orgasm. With two perfect pussies at his disposal, the girls turn their attention to his cock, impatiently sharing it between them in hopes that one is more skilled than the other. Chad doesn't mind this. Once they've sufficiently sucked his dick to size, they use their bodies as the sexual tools they are, making his massive prick disappear deep into Katrina's pussy while Jenna mounts his face. After a quick switch of positions, Jenna enjoys having her pussy plunged while flicking her tongue against Katrina's clit. The energetic trio continues in this fashion, trying position after position in hopes of letting Chad's immense cock touch the deepest corners of their sweet snatches while the girls continue to titillate each other with their tongues until, at long last, Chad feels the immanent need to release and without holding back, launches his goopy load across Jenna and Katrina's tits.

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