A Stepmother's Revenge

Released at: September 7, 2019 by Horny Household Clips
Scene A Young Conor returns home from work and grabs some water as he talks to his sexy Stepmom Raven in the kitchen. She tells him that she has to run to the store, so Conor takes this time to run to his Dad's laptop to check and see if there are any new sex videos of his Stepmom to jerk off to. He finds a new folder, and then takes to the computer back to his room so that he can commence the taboo fapping. Once he opens the file, he realizes that it's not his stepmom, but some young girl his own age! "Oh my fucking God! That fucking asshole" Later on, stepmom returns home, and Conor seems upset. He shows his stepmom the video and she can't believe her eyes and leaves the room Later on, Raven (stepmom) is sitting in her bed in a revealing silk robe, drinking a glass of wine, and talking to her girlfriend about her horrible relationship news. She notices Conor at the door, and calls him in. He comments on how he's never seen his stepmom drink so much, but then she quickly insists on him removing his shirt. Conor is hesitant at first, but quickly obeys his mother. Stepmom starts to slowly rub her nailed fingers across her stepson's shoulder and chest, complimenting him on how good he looks. Conor can't help but notice his stepmom's huge tits popping out, so stepmom decides to bring back the good old times and has her stepson suck on her tits while he fingers her still tight pussy. Stepmom then blows her stepson, and Conor then tit fucks his stepmom, as well as eating her pussy and fingering her asshole SCENE B With a long shuddering moan, Raven slides her pussy from her stepson's face, swinging her leg over him, and quickly reverses herself so that she is facing him. And before Conor can move, stepmom reaches back, and guides her stepson's cock into her pussy and drives herself down on top of him. "Oh fuck yes!" She cries out as his long hard cock plunges deep inside her. Conor cries out as well as she starts bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy up and down on his cock. Stepmom cries out: "And that's your pussy, baby! It's not his anymore.. I have a real cock now! A nice young hard cock! My stepson's cock!" The stepmother-stepson duo amorously fuck as they continue into doggstyle. After a few minutes of hard fucking, stepmom screams: "Put your finger in my ass again!" Her stepson obediently agrees, and it's not long before Conor has his long hard cock shoved up his stepmom's oh so tight ass. "Oh, look at you! You want to fuck that ass? Be my guest baby! Fuck stepmommy's ass as hard as you want!" stepmom and stepson continue to fuck in doggystyle, missionary, and sideways anal for quite some time. The intense physical sensation of his stepmom's super tight asshole has caused Conor to not be able to hold back anymore more. Conor then facials his sexy stepmom, and she gladly licks the remaining white goodness off her face. After the passionate fuck, stepmom and stepson exchange big smiles and soft kisses. Sliding down so she can lay next to her sweet stepson, Raven wraps her arms around and kisses Conor again, saying quietly: "I love you, Conor, really do." .. "Love you too, stepmom." stepmom then reveals to her stepson that she recorded the whole sexcapade, and then the loving family pair leave for more kinky taboo fun in the shower..

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