All The Right Motions

Released at: February 4, 2010 by Dreamland U.S.A.
The motions of the title refer to those filed by lawyers, like the lascivious bunch who populate this torrid grinder. The action centers on legal eagle Steve Vegas, a successful litigator who has neglected his wife for too long. She leaves him, kissing him off with a Dear John letter that she's stuck to the fridge. Steve sinks into depression but still manages to drag himself to work. Once there, he tells his problems to fellow lawyer Carol Cummings, who soothes his feelings with some sensual sex. But although Carol feels for Steve, she's really in love with the firm's third partner Eric Price. Much of the rest of the movie concerns Carol's attempts to woo Price into her arms - and rest assured she eventually does just that. Legal secretary Susan Vegas treats Steve to some scorching action in another 'hope you feel better' scene, while client Sabrina Dawn spends her afternoons in delightful dalliances with thick-headed Peter North. A romantic ending and lots of gripping one-on-one action makes this one a winner for couples or anyone into plot-driven porn. Filled with busty, delectable damsels. 'All the Right Motions' is your best bet for judicial jiggling!

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Scene1: 00:06:19 - 00:23:28 (17:09)

Scene2: 00:23:29 - 00:35:27 (11:58)


Scene3: 00:35:28 - 00:45:52 (10:24)


Eric Price

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