An Island

Released at: March 1, 2015 by Lesbea
Ivy is overjoyed to see Suzie for the first time in awhile. Today she finally gets her hands on her gorgeous friend's pert little butt is presented in a mouthwatering way, embraced in tight white cotton panties. As they kiss, Ivy's hand wander down to Suzie's belly, then slides between her legs, seperating them and resting on top of her awakening pussy. Once Suzie is wet, she pushes her down on the bed and slides her panties off, letting them cling to her plump cheeks so she can get to the wetness beneath and slip a finger inside as quickly as possible. Ivy's virginal white panties soon become damper than a shower curtain, as Suzie licks on them you can see her budding flower beneath which is about to blossom when Suzie pushes her tongue inside. Suzie spoons behind Ivy, her fingers deep and Ivy pushes her bum back hard on her fingers, rocking back and forth, the girls are now given up to each other and dedicate to this feeling that nothing else exists outside their world.

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