Arrogant Wife Training Part 2

Released at: October 16, 2021 by Amber Michaels Productions
In this second movie, I am an even more stubborn arrogant bitch in this amazing bondage movie. I am spanked over and over again. Made to be bound and vibrators are put in my pussy and ass with the remotes turned too high. They are secured tightly in by my sexy black sheer hose keeping them from being able to come out. I am fighting not to have multiple orgasms over and over again. Nipple clamps are applied to my lovely big breasts and microfoam tape is over my mouth to keep me quiet from screaming from humiliation or pleasure. My legs are taped so I can not escape and a single sleeve is placed behind me holding my arms securely. There is nowhere I can go. Just when I can not take any more or get free, I am fastened to a high vibrating Hitachi. Now I am really in pleasure but shame as I think I was too strong to resist. You will love this movie, it is a great treat to even share how I was put in a submissive role.

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