Artcore 2: Toilet Girl

Released at: February 4, 2005 by Anabolic Video
It's time again for another installment, in this award-nominated series (Venus Awards - Germany, AVA Awards-USA). Toilet Girl is a non-stop sexual assault of the body, the mind (and maybe even the soul). Science Fiction themed, the sex is incredible. A harsh collision of Gonzo and Feature, Toilet Girl will leave your sexual senses satiated yet salivating for more. Enjoy this Artcore sensation; it will likely flush all your thoughts of "normal" down the drain. < "I thought Vol. 1 was too raw and hardcore to be a feature! Well this volume left me spent & shocked; it's a non-stop sexual collision that is enrapturing, inspiring, and even titillating. It just has too much sex to be reviewed as a classical feature presentation. "Please Sal ready my reviews and tone it down!" "What" da fuck?" Why the hell do you have stylized girls, crane shots, artistic vision, production value, editing style, character development, flashbacks, sound effects, tons of subliminals, and CD worthy music in what 's supposed to be a raw Gonzo wam-bam-thank-you-mam sex movie? What happened t the black couch against the white wall? "Geez, what's Sal trying to do make a Hollywood motion picture?!

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