Audience Captive Part 1

Released at: March 17, 2022 by Anton Video
Online dominatrix Agatha is doing a cam show. In Clip 1, she tells her viewers about a girl who came over to confront her because her boyfriend gave Agatha all his money. But Agatha knows how to deal with bratty girls...and she reveals Jazmin bound and gagged. She torments Jazmin, taunting and fondling her. She slices off Jazmin's skirt and tops...then her panties. Agatha talks to the camera as she continues to humiliate the helpless girl. Later, Jazmin is bound with leather straps. She insults Agatha and her viewers, calling them disgusting and perverted. Agatha sticks a ballgag in Jazmin's mouth and puts a leash on her. Agatha dominates Jazmin, pulling her around on the leash, spanking and fondling her, and verbally taunting her. It's really hot! 26 minutes.

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