Barbie Smiles

Released at: June 16, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Mechanical Hands " featuring Barbie Smiles & Rodney Moore- Rodney is selling his massage chair, and sweet sexy Barbie has come over to buy it. But he tells her that the chair is very special, that is has mechanical hands that will not only massage her from the front, but will also stimulate her sensually. But he tells her those features are best enjoyed when blindfolded for maximum sensory effect. She agrees to test it out. Hmm, those hands on her big beautiful naturally lusciousbreasts don't look very mechanical. Neither does that finger on rubbing her clit. Just as she's about to have a loud orgasm, sneaky Rodney cuts the power, leaving her frustrated. Being a nice guy, he offers to finish her off himself. Strange how his fingers feel identical to the "mechanical" ones. Now properly turned on, she gets on her knees andsucks his dick, then takes it up her pussy in a bunch of positions. all the while her magnificent mammaries bouncing with glee. He finally shoots a big load, enough for her mouth, face and each nipple!

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