Ben Dover's Buggers Banquet

Released at: May 28, 2015 by VCA
Five fabulous first timers grace this program and the fun and frolics kick off with Shakina, a truly marvelous brunette whom I picked up at a London sex fair. Sexy Shakina wonked me off with her pretty feet and had my assistant Bob spunking twice in quick succession after she rather generously permitted him to shag her tight virgin asshole. Another anal virgin I have the pleasure of featuring (and spunking over of course!), is the lovely eighteen-year-old Amy whom I teamed up with SuperMario for some awesome anal plundering. More curvaceous rearends were worshiped on film courtesy of two splendid college students, Amber and Sarah, and last but not least, another eighteen-year-old beauty named Erica gets fucked on film for the very first time before her pretty face is absolutely smothered in jizz.

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:44:20 (44:20)


Bob Scott

Scene2: 00:44:20 - 01:16:37 (32:17)

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