Best Of Dirtier Debutantes Vol. 1, The

Released at: September 19, 2011 by Ed Powers Productions
It was about three years ago when ~~Dirtier Debutantes~~ was created. It was a slight departure from the original ~~Dirty Debutantes~~ series. More intense, a little more verbal with slang and dirty talk. More intense role-play but no hurt or harm, no bruises or tears.. The girls chose the words and chose to go ~~Dirtier~~, given the choice. The main thing is that they all had fun and left with a smile on their face. I have hand picked the people and scenes that stood out in the series. If you know my work, you'll see the difference... Please enjoy ~~The Best Of Dirtier Debutantes Vol. 1~~. Love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:00:32 - 00:24:41 (24:09)

Scene2: 00:24:45 - 00:56:14 (31:29)

Scene3: 00:57:50 - 01:38:57 (41:07)

Scene4: 01:39:52 - 02:07:26 (27:34)